Jazz Singing by Ear

Master a jazz standards and
scat solo in 4 weeks
Learn to sing jazz

without the theory-overwhelm
March 1st-31st

How can you truly make a jazz standard your own?

And feel free and confident with your scat?

  • You find jazz intimidating and don’t know what notes to sing or scat syllables to use
  • You want to find your own style when singing jazz and not sound like a copy of someone else
  • You lack confidence and feel overwhelmed when changing up a melody
  • You are not sure which notes are right when improvising
  • You usually sing pop/musical theater/classical and finally want to sound like a true jazz singer when singing standards
  • You are getting lost in the songs, the moment you try changing them up or scat and improvise
  • You are not sure what songs are right for you and which key to pick

I know firsthand how intimidating and overwhelming singing jazz can be. There seem to be so many unwritten rules to follow that it feels impossible to know which notes to sing. You feel stuck and can’t figure out how to find the freedom and confidence to make a song your own, let alone scat and improvise.

Instrumentalists are full of good advice, talking about scales and music theory. Unfortunately, that means very little to you, and you find it intimidating and overwhelming and are starting to doubt you can ever learn to sing jazz properly. You feel there is so much music and emotion inside you, but somehow you get lost when you let go, trying to express it.

You really want to improve, but you don’t know which steps to take as a singer to find the confidence and freedom you see others perform jazz on stage.

What if there is an easy to follow, bullet-proof way to become the jazz singer and improviser you dream to be?

  • Feel free and confident when singing and improvising jazz
  • Have clarity on how to learn a jazz standard and practice improvisation
  • Know how to swing and find notes that work
  • Know which songs suit you and how to find your keys on your own
  • Have your first jazz standard ready to sing at the next jam session
  • Sound like you when singing jazz and not like a copy of someone else
  • Know how to easily connect with your band and audience
  • Be ready and confident to go out and perform more
  • Having fun singing jazz on stage without feeling overwhelmed


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Find out how Jazz Singing by Ear has helped others

These 4 weeks are more practical, easy and fun than my experience of 4 semesters in conservatory. I have to say this course is priceless. Since it was action drive course, a lot of inspirations gonna be posted on the secret page and you can get all the feedbacks, answers you want from Heidi and your accountability buddy. Speaking of buddy, you can be friends with various genres, all levels of singers from all over the world. Not only that, you will find out how to sing jazz by just being yourself not just mimicking somebody else. This is the course for every singer.

— Jekyll Joe

Hi, I'm Heidi.

I am deeply passionate about jazz and helping you find your way to sing it with freedom and having fun doing it!

In this 4-week online training I will teach you how to learn a jazz tune in an easy and practical way. You can apply this simple and tried process to any other tune and guarantee that you will sound authentic and true to yourself and the style.

In just a few weeks you will feel confident and free to sing your jazz tune with other musicians and safe to even improvise! All you need are your ears and a love for jazz singing. In jazz, we learn by doing - so be ready to take action!

For best results, be committed to invest about 25 min. a day into your craft. This time will consist of listening to music, practicing singing, training your ears and following the exercises laid out in the course. By the end you will have your first jazz standard and scat solo ready to sing at the next jam session.

This course is ideal for singers of all levels who want to learn a bulletproof way to feel self-assured and at ease in their jazz singing – on or off the stage. No prior musical training is necessary. You only need to be able to match pitch and sing a song without accompaniment.

What you will learn in 4 weeks

Picking Your Tune – Find out What Suits You
which jazz standards suits you
- finding your key
- how to learn a song the jazz way

Getting a Feel for It – Making the Melody Your Own
how to connect with the story of the lyric
- exploring different tempos and feels
- earning from great jazz singers before you

Testing the Waters – Learning the Harmony and First Scat
how to recognize the form of your tune
- learning the harmony by ear
- singing your first scat

Learning from the Greats Before Us & Making It Your Own
what to learn from the great instrumentalists
- mapping out your solo
- how to recognize, apply and create musical concepts for your own scat solo

Yes, you get to pick your own tune!

What is included

This is not just a self-study course - this is a group learning experience! It is not just about the video lessons you get but the support you will receive from Heidi and her Team and of course your peers in a community dedicated to learn singing jazz!


Instructional videos and materials for each module and lesson

All videos are pre-recorded and made available to you on Heidi's course platform. They come with clear instructions, lots of examples, and lesson materials and worksheets. You can watch them at your own pace and review as needed.


Weekly Q&A Calls

Once a week Heidi will go live in the Facebook group and answer your questions from the Q&A post. All Q&A Calls will be recorded and added to the course platform, so you can watch them at your convenience - no matter what time zone you are in.


Weekly Video Review

At the end of each week Heidi will pick 3 videos from participants and give feedback on them live in the Facebook group. Heidi will select videos that are especially relevant to the most pressing questions regarding the lesson topics, so everyone can learn from the review.


Facebook Community

Get the support you need to keep you inspired, motivated and accountable! You will be part of an international community of jazz enthusiastic vocalists dedicated to learning the craft and the buddy system will help you to stay on track. The private group will be administrated by Heidi and her Team, ready to support you.


Additional Implementation Time

You keep access to all lesson and call videos (hosted on the course platform) until September 1st, 2021. Revisit and apply your learnings to many more songs on your own.


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All prices include 20% VAT.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal and credit card.

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Watch past participants share how
Jazz Singing by Ear helped them

Don't just take my word for it...

How knowledgeable you are, Heidi! It gave me the confidence to approach a musical career as a professional. In a way, you've made me more of a professional through this process.
I have something to teach because I've been taught so well. I can perform with more confidence, in my style because jazz is open to my interpretation with the foundation you've laid out in this course.
This is a thorough course on learning jazz by ear that will leave you equipped to perform a jazz standard as interpreted by yourself!
You'll understand the layout of the music and be able to talk about it with instrumentalists you work with. Free scatting will be easier with this knowledge. You'll easily learn some music theory even without lessons dedicated to theory. There's a lot of resources you'll use & learn about that will help you whether you're practicing alone or with a band.

Cecile Kabura

I love how Heidi communicates. She is clear and gives very good advices and good demonstrations. Thank you, Heidi, you're an amazing teacher"

Monica Benito

How does it work

Time is of the essence. To make sure you get the most learning out of Jazz Singing by Ear, Heidi aims to provide a schedule that works for you no matter which time zone you're in. Yet, she is making sure not to over-whelm you in the 4 weeks of coaching!

When are the lessons?

Each week we will work through a new module. ON Monday, 10 AM CET, you will get access to the new lesson videos on the course platform. You can then go through them in your own time.

What about the Q&A Calls?

And the Video Reviews?

What happens after the 4 weeks of coaching?

What is a Hot Seat Call?

Bonuses: Hot Seat Calls, Master Class, Workshops

At the beginning of the week a Q&A post will go up in the Facebook group. Heidi will go live on Thursday to answer your most pressing questions, so you get additional support to the lesson material. All calls are added to the course platform, so you can watch them again later.

You are very much encouraged to post videos of your progress and get feedback from your peers. Every week Heidi will select 3 videos that she will discuss and review. She won't be looking for the best videos but the ones she finds the group can most learn from. So, post your challenges, it will be rewarded.

You keep access to all lessons and call recordings until September 1st, 2021. To make sure you stay motivated, we have added special bonuses to the course! That is to give you an additional opportunity to get coaching on repertoire and vocal technique and have a chance to get your questions answered by Heidi.

A Hot Seat Call is a two-hour group call where Heidi will answer as many questions from the participants as time allows. Participants can get on a "hot seat" with Heidi, where she answers individual questions. Hot Seats are given first come, first served.

The Bonus Hot Seat Call will take mid-March, likely on a Saturday or Sunday to make sure most can attend live. Once we know which time zones all participants are joining from, we will announce the exact date and time. The same goes for the Repertoire Master Class in April and the Technique Workshop in May.

"How to Build a Unique Jazz Repertoire" Master Class live in April
(€97,- Value)

Picking the right songs to sing and building a diverse, yet personal repertoire is the bread and butter of every jazz singer. Choosing your material is the first step to making a song your own. Find out which songs are right for you, easy to improvise on, great for jam sessions and make you sound authentic in the style even when you are a beginner.

- live master class
- recorded for later viewing (access until September 1st, 2021)
- lesson materials

"Vocal Technique for the Jazz Singer" Master Class live in May (€147,- Value)

Jazz singers treat their voice like an instrument. We need to have full control over our vocals, so we can sing fast scat solos, have access to our full range and be able to sing at any dynamic level. And all of that in an instant because we make up our mind as we go when we improvise! Learn in this master class how to assess the stage of your vocal development and get exercises that are right for you and your voice. Find out how to achieve vocal control without strain and pain, so you can sing with freedom and ease.

- live master class
- recorded for later viewing (access until September 1st, 2021)
- lesson materials

Heidi's Awesome Jazz Library

Need a place to start and want to know what the most influential vocal and instrumental recordings in jazz are? I have created playlists for you filled with hours of great jazz! Not only that, you also get my collection of the greatest jazz documentaries - with links ready to play on YouTube. So you can get started on binge-watching jazz history any time.

- Heidi's essential vocal jazz playlist
- Heidi's most important jazz instrumental playlist
- Heidi's recommended jazz documentaries playlist

Jazz Singing Jump Start: It Could Happen To You

Yes, you heard right! Get the video lessons to the jazz standard "It Could Happen To You" that show you how to thoroughly learn a jazz standard and even start scatting over it! Whether you are going through the lessons for the first time or want to repeat them after having done them live this week - you will know this standard for life and feel confident singing and improvising over it!

- video lessons (access until September 1st, 2021)
- clear easy to follow instructions suitable for all levels

- lesson materials

Jazz Singing Jump Start: Sometimes I'm Happy

Learn a whole new tune with me! Get access to one of my most popular mini-courses and go through the lessons at your own pace. Jump Starts are designed to get you started with your jazz singing quickly. Great to brush up on the tradition and essential tools you need to learn the style. Without needing to know any theory.

- video lessons (access until September 1st, 2021)
- clear easy to follow instructions suitable for all levels
- lesson materials


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All prices include 20% VAT.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal and credit card.

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Hear how Heidi's course has transformed their singing

What others have to say...

"The course was very well-structured and put together. Easy to understand and very confirming. It also taught me a lot of knowledge about jazz and where it came from. This course is a good and practical way to try out new things with your voice. Also, if you just want to know some more about jazz in general or how to approach to a is a great way to do so. Thank you for your commitment, Heidi. I had a lot of fun taking the course."

- Ina Rebhandl

"For Jazz aficionados and novices alike, I think it's a great way to know more and love more about jazz singing. The lessons are compact and full of practical tips and jazz knowledge. The best thing about the course was The deeper appreciation and understanding of Jazz and how to perform it."

- Odessa Patron

"This course is great because you can do the lessons in your own tempo and at home. Heidi is really experienced and knows what she's talking about. Even if it is an online seminar, you can always ask questions and even if I did not ask one, I read some questions and answers on Facebook and found them really helpful for me too.
Another pro for me was to "meet" so many singers from all over the world. To have the knowledge from a big group in one place is definitely a big plus!

- Beate Schmidt

"This is a wonderful course to take because Heidi really breaks things down into edible bites for us to try. Take notes. I can re-listen to things Heidi spoke to. There is a lot of information receive."

- Dana Reedy

"For beginners, this course builds a foundation for you about jazz. But if you already know a lot more about jazz, you could still pick up things in this course. It gives you a new point of view to see Jazz."

- Naomi Yu Kainzer

"If you are interested in jazz and how to approach a song in order to sing it and to improvise on it, you should try out this online course. Heidi offers some clear and structured instructions and you can then decide how fast or slow you proceed. The other singers that join the course will give you an idea of the different interpretations and levels where you can be."

- Christina Bachmann


Choose the payment option that best suits you:



All prices include 20% VAT.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal and credit card.

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